SDL Pong Enhanced

pong like you always wished it to be

Happy Birthday! - Sponge 0.01 released on the 09th March 2005 ;)

is the temporary page for sponge, sdl pong enhanced.

SDL is the Simple DirectMedia Layer, a collection of libraries perfect for programming games and the like. Here it is used for programming a - not yet - enhanced pong, with gaming over network, online highscores and the like in mind.

Sponge runs on the most well known operating systems, namely Linux, osx, Windows............

Like already statet, this is only a space filler and temporary page. There isn't even a cvs release of the game yet, but we hope that we can release some not-too-ugly code soon.

sponge rocks!

For getting an idea of the game, there's a Screenshots at the bottom of the page. Have fun! :-)

sponge - old windows version
Linux version of sponge
Sponge Main Menu